BAUDRAND NEW TECH offers a comprehensive range of 9 CNC controlled coilers and benders. All of them are using industrial computers under Windows XP® to produce springs, whatever the type : special compression, torsion, extension, double-torsion, as well as formed parts : 5 TS  ~  23 TS - 4A  ~  ES 23 - 5A  ~  CR 23  ~  
35 L - 4A  ~  ES 35 - 5A  ~  CR 45  ~  ES 50.

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Technology and material used for software, electronics, and motors

Use of the very late model of industrial computer under Windows XP®. It is protected against vibrations and dust.
Memorizing of programs is done on internal hard disk as well as may be copied on external USB memory sticks.
Mouse and MPG (electronic handwheel also known as Manual Pulse Generator - MPG) are standard.
Interpolation cards are from Galil (USA), main electricals are from Schneider (France) and Keyence (Japan).
Servo-motors are from Yaskawa (Japan).
Power supply may be choosen between 220 / 380 V, 3-phased, 50 or 60 Hz.

Double-plane wire straightener (2 x 7 rolls)

Rolls are mounted on precision bearings, each one being independently adjustable.

Wire rotation – Anti-twist device

ES 35-5A, CR 23, CR 45 and ES 50 machines are fitted with an anti-twist device : wire follows a 360 degree revolution in order to prevent it from twisting during wire rotation.


Made by 1, 2 or 3 pairs of motorized feed rollers with independant mechanical tightening. A system is used for memorizing the set tightening loads. Axial feed roller shaft setting is possible in case of misalignment mainly due to tooling quality. Coiling ratios (coil mean diameter divided by wire diameter) of down to 4 are made possible.

8 slides

On front panel of the machines. A long guiding ensures an high precision and a long durability of the original high accuracy.

Rotary quill

It consits in the front wire guide which is driven in rotation by a servo-motor. Using this, the settings are much quicker, easier, and the tooling costs are lower. Machines possibilities are wider. As consequence, this equipment has a quick return on investment. It’s use doesn’t slow down production.

Servo spinner

It is a CNC rotary spindle which may be mounted on any of the 8 front slides. Is widens machine abilities by using it for coiling, bending, approaching a non-standard tool - and more, according to setter’s knowledge and ideas.
The acting axis of the spinner is adjustable (+/-25° from slide way).


Standard languages are english, french, russian and spanish. Other languages will be developped in the future.

Machines may be connected to our Maintenance Department via internet for intervention as well as for trouble shooting or program uploading.


Complementary fonctions

Electrovalves :
Machines are fitted with 4 electrovalves enabling to command auxiliary movements by air cylinders. Acting them is simply set in the program.

Probes :
4 probes are delivered. They are usually used to control angles on torsion spring legs or hook positions on extension springs. Upon spring wire touch, each of them order the instant stop of feed rollers. Some production quality parameters thus do not anymore rely on tooling, its wear-out and less on wire consistency.

Bad parts identification :
In case of non-detection of the spring wire at a certain time which is set in the program, machines will consider the part being produced as « bad », and will automatically feed an extra lenght of wire before the forming process is completed. Identification of bad parts is therefore easy. Some parameters are, therefore, 100 % controlled.
It is possible to program to automatic stop of the machines if the sensors check the consecutive production of a pre-determinated number of « bad » parts.

Tooling delivered with each machine :
As standard, machines are delivered with 10 sets of tools, dimensions being freely decided by the customer.
Tooling consists in the following items : feed rollers, wire guides, quills, and coiling tools in carbide.

Automatic one-axis transfer for the second-hook of extension springs

Almost all types of extention springs are made and « finished » on our machines.
The shape of the first hook is free (english or german loops, simple ou double, tangent, centered, half-centered, internal, external, of diameter equal to the spring body, or bigger, or smaller, many kinds of special shapes).
The making of the second hook is subject to little restrictions, specially when talking about short and fully closed loops. In these cases, some tooling solution do exist. Please, inquire us.
For very long springs and/or to increase the rates of production, transfer systems driven by servo-motors are available on all machines with maximum capacity of 2.3 and 3.5 mm.
This option consists in a secondary operation device mounted on casters. It is fixed onto the front of the machine. The springs are taken before the cut-off by jaws and transferred to the second-hooking station.

Informations relatives to the fabricating

The fabricating is more than 95 % integrated as long as mechanical specific parts are concerned. Portal milling machines, CNC turning centers and grinders are widely used.
Gear shaping is performed internally, as well as gear grinding, which relies on a CNC precision grinder showing a thousandth of mm.
Gears are controlled in a room with temperature and hygrometry stabilized at a fixed level.
Mechanical parts are controlled on 3D testing machines.
Number is employees dedicated to fabricating is 150.
Number of machines made in 2013 is 200.


The personnel of BAUDRAND NEW TECH insures training for the customer’s technicians in french, english, german, and spanish languages.
Advised number of training days is two. Place of training may be choosen by customer between our production facilities and his production site.
Training in our works provides the valuable advantages, for future users, to see simultaneously our new projects being brought to maturity, other machines of our range in setting process, as well as several dozens of spring machines in production.
Before delivery, each machine is set on a part as per customer’s request.

Delivery schedules

2 to 3 months.


Warranty on electric and electronic parts is the one of the suppliers, thus, in most cases : 12 months. The one on mechanical parts is 24 months.
The warranty includes the providing of faulty parts replacements (shipments are on the account of the customer).
Some warranty extensions are available, according to customer’s request. Please, contact us for customized cotations.