Spring Coiler

Carlson II

The spring machine, known worldwide as the “Carlson” for years, rapidly coils compression, torsion and extension springs with precision.

A turn of the handle makes 1 or 3 coils (left or right).
The number of available coils, the pitch and the number of end coils are easily defined with a ruler and rack stops.
The coil diameter is determined by the coilling mandrel.

Delivered with: 24 mandrels (de 1,6 à 13 mm), wire-guides, clamps, services wrenches.

Technical characteristics

Wire diameters 1,00 – 3,30 mm
Spring outside diameter 3 – 50 mm
Pitch 1 – 16 mm
Spring length 2 – 200 mm
Hourly production 200 – 400 mm
Dimensions 800 x 200 mm