RH 120

The RH 120 is a simple, economical and robust equipment, mainly intended for the production of large parts. It uses the principle of rotating head around the wire; the rotation of the latter being difficult to envisage beyond 10 mm in diameter.

The machine is fitted with a feeding assistant allowing the easy introduction of the wire in the straightener, up to the bending head. The operation is done without effort or risk.

It is equipped with an innovative design where three motors only generate 4 independent movements:

  • Wire feed
  • Rotation of the arm supporting the bending head
  • Rotation of the bending head
  • Wire cutting

All movements are 100% electric.

No cables or motors elements are contained in the rotary head.

Thereby :

  • There is no rotary manifold.
  • The arm supporting the head is not limited ; it can rotate more than 360° per cycle.
  • At the end of the cycle, the latter does not have to return to its starting point; which increases productivity.

Technical characteristics

Wire diameters 4,0 – 12,0 mm (soft wire)
4,0 – 8,5 mm (hard wire)
Axes 3
Maximum wire feed speed 71 m/mn
Distance “bending head – machine body” 960 mm
Dimensions 3,80 x 1,60 x 1,75 m
Weight 3 700 kg



Wire feeding system


Decoiler & machine back

Back of feeding system