FD 35

FD 35 offers an innovative tooling system. Numerous tools of various types can be mounted on two independent tables, each capable of a wide range of 3D motions.

FD 35 is generously equipped: rotating feeding system, outside diameter control and correction, touch and Laser probes, partly centralized lubrication.

FD 35 is the right choice for manufacturing of complex parts, including transfer, assembly, double-chamfering, parts mounting, all with limited tooling costs.

Technical characteristics

Wire diameters 1,0 – 3,5 mm
Axes 9 – 16
Maximum wire feed speed 54 m/mn
3D tool tables up-down strokes 100 mn
3D tool tables left-right strokes 300 mn
3D tool tables for-backward strokes 300 mn
Dimensions 3,00 x 1,60 x 2,00 m
Weight 3 700 kg



Programming software

Front panel

Rotary feeding, straightening, anti-twist disc

“Yaskawa” drivers