CR 65

CR 65 features an additive motorized feeding, which facilitates wire insertion through the mechanical components of the feeding system.

They may also be fitted with an electric servo-cutter, in order to preserve the quill cutting edge.

Furthermore, it can carry a left/right sliding system for the coiling finger, which allows the operator to control and adjust the pre-tension for various coiling processes.

The machine is equipped with automatic OD control and correction, and, optionally, with a system to stop precisely the spinners upon touching the wire bent.

Technical characteristics

Wire diameters 3,0 – 6,5 mm
Axes 11 – 16
Maximum wire feed speed 55 m/mn
Slide stroke 170 mm
Dimensions 3,68 x 1,99 x 2,48 m
Weight 6 500 kg



Rotary feeding

Programming software

Electric shear, spinner, pneumatic catcher,
screwed carbide quill end

Motorized feeding assistant