Compression Spring Coilers

The machines are of the “two-coiling points” type. Some models can be equipped, as an option, with a “torsion attachment” which allows the up and down movement of a single coiling point positioned in front of the feeding axis.

It is also possible, when using the “two-coiling pins” system, to manufacture torsion springs using only one of the two, thus coiling the body around the cutting mandrel.

All machines are fitted with automatic centralized lubrication system, with adjustable flow and time delay.

ZV Series

The ZV coilers are simple in design and have proven their reliability and precision. Their ‘possibility-performance/price’ ratio is of the highest level.

They are equipped with at least 2 axes. 

ZV Series
0,1 – 4,0 mm
2 – 4 axes

ZF Series

The ‘ZF’ range includes 6 models dedicated to the coiling of compression springs and simple torsion springs. It benefits from the latest technological advances, which allow unequalled speeds, while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Their finish fulfills the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The machines are equipped with a minimum of 5 axes.

ZF Series
0,05 – 6,0 mm
5 – 6 axes