CR 23

CR 23 can be fitted with a left/right sliding system for the coiling finger, which allows the operator to control and adjust the pre-tension for various coiling processes.

The machine can operate several spinners, which are owered by one or two motors.

This last configuration allows the operator to generate more than one coiling radius with the same tool set.

The machine is equipped with automatic OD control and correction, and, optionally, with a system to stop precisely the spinners upon touching the wire bent.

Technical characteristics

Wire diameters 0,3 – 2,3 mm
(0,5 – 2,3 mm with wire rotation)
Axes 11 – 16
Maximum wire feed speed 105 m/mn
Slides stroke 70 mm
Dimensions 2,64 x 1,30 x 1,75 (m)
Weight 1 500 kg



Independant movements

Programming software

Rotary feeding

Anti-twist disc


“Keyence” Laser sensor

Wire lubrication

Single- and double-shaft spinners

Double feeding + welding

With welding jaws