SWB is an option for the WB range. Its operational capabilities are similar to those of WB 100.

During the time the main head on WB machine is performing half of the bending process, SWB has transferred in a non-finished status the previous part, and started to complete it.

Technical characteristics

Wire diameters 3,0 – 10,0 mm (soft wire)
3,0 – 6,0 mm (hard wire)
Axes 5
Stroke of the gripper 950 mm
Rotation angle of the gripper
Arm rotation angle 300°
Bending head rotation angle
Dimensions 2,92 x 0,81 x 1,46 m
Weight 1 300 kg



Handling jaws and main bending machine

Programming software

Bending head in mounting phase

SWB + champfering system